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season 4
Stone Dreams

Donner, Axon and Stone investigate reports of an alien inhabiting an abandoned warehouse. As they creep through the old building, Stone notices a pool of bright light at the end of a dark corridor. Getting closer to the source, she sees Davison preparing for an autopsy on the body of an alien. Donner and Axon lean in to watch, while Stone stays back. She watches in horror as Davison makes the first cut. Spores fly from the incision, spray Axon in the face, and he dies.

Suddenly, Stone awakens. She is in the mobile lab, sitting in front of a bank of surveillance monitors trained on the abandoned warehouse. Stone has just experienced one of the many precognitive dreams and hallucinations she will endure during this investigation. Stone reports the incident to Hendricks back at Headquarters but, just then, Donner and Axon arrive at the lab with news that they have received clearance from the building owners to enter the warehouse.

Once inside the building, Stone creeps along a dark corridor when, suddenly, she becomes entangled in a web of sticky, filmy substance. Donner and Axon manage to free her from the mysterious trap and get her back to the lab. Later, they go back to investigate the web, leaving Stone back at the mobile lab to keep an eye on the monitors. She experiences an apparent hallucination when a grainy image of an alien appears on the screen with a dire warning to stay away from the warehouse. Stone races to alert her colleagues, but it's too late - she finds them standing before the wall of webbing where they have found a human-sized cocoon containing the alien. Axon bends over to examine the creature which releases a small puff of dust that goes into Axon's eyes. Stone gasps in horror - recalling the dream in which Axon died.

Over the course of the investigation, Stone continues to experience the dreams and hallucinations. She sees the alien lying on a gurney in Donner's room, glimpses the creature's cracked-open cocoon lying in the bathtub in Axon's room, and has another encounter with the alien creature. When it threatens her, she pulls out a gun and blasts the creature. When she looks again, it's Axon, not the alien that she's killed.

Hendricks reports back to the team that the tests on the creature are inconclusive, and he now wants them back at headquarters for a debriefing and to close the case. But when they arrive, Hendricks reveals to Donner and Axon that Stone has actually been the subject of an experiment to determine the impact of paranormal investigation on the investigator. They are now ready to test and pilot a new technology, which will enable them to access the images that are seen with the inner eye.

Hendricks hypnotizes Stone and takes her back to her early cases with the OSIR Donner and Axon are dumbstruck when they see the grainy distorted images of Stone's thoughts appear on the nearby monitor. Then Hendricks takes her to the current investigation at the warehouse.

As the various disturbing images continue to flash before them, he tries to bring Stone back to consciousness. But her heart rate increases and her brainwave function becomes erratic - she's gone too deep into a hypnotic state. Now they see Stone's terrified face on the monitor. She's disoriented, plunging deeper and unable to escape. Hendricks tries to calm her by taking her back to a gentler time, but Stone begins to convulse. The windows in the lab blow out and the monitor screens explode. Will Hendricks be able to bring Stone back before they lose her forever?